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What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is one of the most important molecules in the human body. It works as a shuttle, transporting electrons to different cells as both a coenzyme and metabolite as needed. NAD+ has a role in several important biologic and metabolic processes. It works in the mitochondria to help generate new cells, maintain cell functioning, and repair DNA responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism, in turn slowing down the aging process.

What are the Benefits of NAD+?

NAD+ is a fuel for our bodies and increasing the level of NAD+ in the body can help with a variety of health concerns. NAD+ is necessary to generate new healthy cells and maintain their function to protect the body from aging and disease. Cell generation also gives the body more energy, increasing your health and lifespan. NAD+ can limit your risk of the following conditions:

Accelerated Aging

NAD+ can slow down the aging process by encouraging cell function and regeneration of new cells when existing cells degenerate. NAD+ also helps with DNA repair which has been shown to increase the lifespan of animals in clinical trials. Damaged DNA and mitochondrial dysfunction are closely linked as causes of rapid aging and age-related diseases.

Heart Disease

NAD+ can protect the cells in the heart and maintain the elasticity of the arteries. The arteries act as a buffer against the pressure waves created by your heartbeat. As people age, the arteries harden decreasing elasticity and ease of blood flow. This causes increases in blood pressure which enlarges the heart and leaves people at risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

Muscle Function

NAD+ acts as a main player in proper mitochondrial function, necessary for muscle contraction and exercise performance. Since NAD+ has a role in energy conversion, it can boost stamina while exercising, promoting the growth of lean muscle mass to keep your body healthy.

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