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What is Cancer?

Cancer can present in many different forms but occurs when a group of cells mutates, causing malfunction and disease in a specific area of the body. These cells may metastasize and spread which can eventually lead to advanced illness and even death. Fortunately, when caught early enough cancer treatments can be effective, the downfall is often the lasting damage caused by these harsh treatments. Stem cells can be effective in mitigating some of these side effects and working to regenerate damaged tissue. This can help restore you back to health and get you back to living a better quality of life.

What are Common Post-Cancer Side Effects?

Cancer can be aggressive, requiring treatments that are equally so, like chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgical excision. This can take a toll on your body during methods like radiation therapy or surgical excision. This means that you can require a long and difficult recovery even after the cancer is gone. We begin your side-effect therapy with an assessment of your side effects, goals, health, and lifestyle so that we can guide you through how stem cells can help.


Radiation therapy uses high-frequency radiation to damage cancerous cells so that they don’t continue to grow. While this can be effective, radiation therapy can often be harmful to healthy cells as well, and is usually completed too regularly for your skin to recover between sessions. This can leave behind sores or sensitive areas that look and feel like a burn. These areas can be painful and itchy while the skin recovers, which can take time and the use of painkillers. In some cases, these skin reactions can cause complications if they become infected. It’s estimated that a majority of patients that go through radiation therapy experience some kind of mild to severe skin reaction or lesion.


One side-effect of surgery or radiation therapy to treat cancerous areas is tissue necrosis. This means that the cells in the area die prematurely, rather than experiencing their normal cell life-cycle. It also means that the body can’t dispose of the cells effectively, so they remain at the area. It usually occurs because of a lack of blood flow, meaning the cells don’t receive energy or oxygen. If tissue necrosis isn’t treated, it can leave you vulnerable to infection and be detrimental to your overall health.


Inflammation, or swelling, is a common response by your body to many things. It’s helpful to your body’s ability to heal by signaling that something is wrong, but it can be problematic when you experience swelling for long periods of time. Inflammation is common in people that experience cancer and can worsen symptoms and other health concerns over time. For this reason, it’s important to treat it quickly and effectively so that you can recover.

Healthy Cell Rejuvenation

After cancer treatment, your cells are left damaged as a result of chemotherapy, radiation, and cancer itself. Repairing and rejuvenating these cells is crucial, and using stem cells can help the body complete this process. The exact purpose of stem cells depends on the type of cancer you have faced and the type of cells that your body needs to regenerate. For example, leukemia and lymphoma patients require new blood cells, which are generated by the bone marrow. In any case, however, stem cells are injected into the bloodstream, where the body carries them to wherever they are most necessary.

Learn More About How Stem Cells Can Help

Cancer can be an extremely difficult journey and take a toll on your mind and health. Fortunately, stem cells collected from fatty tissue can be beneficial in helping your body regenerate healthy tissues and cells, repairing areas affected by cancerous growth. Learn more about how stem cells can help.

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At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we understand the challenges involved in surviving cancer, and we want to help you achieve a happy and healthy quality of life afterwards. We strive to partner with you and your cancer journey so that we can offer the best in stem cell therapies, scientific methods, and effective technologies to heal and rejuvenate your body and wellbeing after your cancer treatments. We advocate for a healthy lifestyle as part of your recovery and can guide you through the steps and lifestyle changes to ensure you enjoy a healthy life after cancer.

Stem cells can be an effective option in helping your body restore itself, and speaking with our stem cell experts is your first step. To schedule a consultation at our Seattle or St. Petersburg office, contact us by calling 206.823.0960 or filling out our online form. Our patient coordinators can be in touch to assist you through the booking process.

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