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Health & Wellness

As you navigate your stem cell therapy plan, it’s important to invest in your lifestyle and health. At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we believe that a healthy lifestyle and regenerative medicine go hand-in-hand, so that you can ensure your body has everything it needs to effectively heal and repair itself. During your stem cell therapy consultation, we can recommend a lifestyle plan for you and your health goals so that you can live your best life.

Diet Recommendations

As with any stage of life, it’s important to craft a well-rounded diet that is low in sugar and includes many different vitamins and nutrients. This can be even more important after your stem cell therapy. Your cells exist and function on the food that you eat, and your cells are never busier than when they’re tasked with healing and regenerating important tissues in your body.

Along with eating the right foods, it’s important to assess your eating habits and factors that could be contributing to your symptoms. Planning or preparing your meals ahead of time can help you stick to your dietary plan and maintain a healthy weight so that you don’t put additional stress on your body. It can also help you to avoid emotional eating or having unnecessary snacks that can contribute to a poor diet.

During a consultation with our stem cell experts, we can recommend the right meal plan for you that will help your body get the most out of treatment and recovery.

Food and Inflammation

Inflammation plays an important part in your body and its ability to respond to injuries, symptoms, and unhealthy areas. There are many diseases that are thought to be caused by chronic inflammation in the body, and it can be taxing and unhealthy to use a regimen of anti-inflammatory medications throughout your life. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate foods and supplements that can reduce inflammation caused by irritants in the body.

Overall, foods that include processed ingredients, preservatives, trans fats, and sugars should be avoided. Foods that are high in sugars, oils, and dairy can contribute to inflammation. It’s important to reach for foods that are organic, varied, colorful, and as close to its natural state as possible. As part of your stem cell therapy, we can recommend the best foods for you to supplement your results and aid your body’s regenerative processes.

Meal Plans

Following professionally-developed meal plans can help you keep on track and help your body. Our experts can guide you through the meal planning process to make sure that you get the best out of your diet and choose the right foods for you. We believe that regenerative medicine extends beyond your time in our office, so we provide the tools for you to achieve your best healthy lifestyle at home as well.


Exercise and movement are important to keeping your body mobile, functioning, and youthful. It can also help you get better use of your healthy diet, ensure that your body can get the rest it needs, shed excess fat, and limit chronic inflammation that contributes to your symptoms. We understand that everyone comes to Axis Stem Cell Institute with different capabilities, so we offer personalized recommendations during your recovery. This might include simply walking or stretching for a short period of time, or maintaining a multi-faceted exercise routine to address all areas of your body. During your consultation with our stem cell experts, we can recommend the appropriate exercise regimen that will benefit you and your therapy plan best.

Schedule a Consultation

At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we believe that there are many different factors that contribute to your health and wellbeing. Stem cell therapies are only part of it, so we can guide you through the rest. To optimize your lifestyle with diet and exercise so that you get the best out of your therapy, see our stem cell experts for a consultation. To schedule a consultation, contact our Kirkland office by calling 206.415.2947 or filling out our online form.

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