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What are Metabolic Conditions?

Your metabolism is an important system that converts the food you eat into usable energy in the form of sugars and acids. Your cells can receive this energy to power their important functions. When this process is disrupted, it can result in a metabolic condition that prevents you from receiving the energy you need when you eat. Metabolic conditions can affect different parts of your metabolism, like the breakdown process or your cells’ ability to receive energy. They can also take many different forms, like nutritional deficiencies, lacking vitamins or enzymes, abnormal chemical reactions, or diseased metabolic organs.

What Causes Metabolic Conditions?

Metabolic disorders can have many different causes but are most commonly the result of genetics. However, they can also be caused by deficiencies or diet. There are many different factors that can affect your metabolic processes, so we begin with a full understanding of your symptoms and family history so we can determine the best plan, diet, and lifestyle changes for you.

What are Common Metabolic Conditions?

Diabetes Type II

Type II diabetes occurs when the body is unable to use insulin properly to transfer glucose (or energy) into your cells. Normally, your pancreas creates insulin to guide glucose (derived from the foods you eat) into the walls of your cells for energy. If you have type II diabetes, your body has difficulty secreting and responding to insulin to help this process, even if your pancreas continues to produce it. When high levels of glucose stay in your blood, it can cause many serious health issues.

Chronic Kidney Issues

An important part of your metabolic processes is filtering out waste in the blood through the kidneys. These important organs also produce hormones for the functions of other organs, like those that regulate calcium and Vitamin D, as well as blood pressure. Additionally, they are responsible for electrolyte balance and oxygen regulation. When your kidneys experience problems functioning, it can have a large effect on your metabolism and allow waste to build up in the blood with things like things like fluid, electrolytes, and waste. Kidney conditions are often the result of other conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disorders but can also occur on their own. If not treated early, kidney problems can result in kidney failure.

Liver Disease

Your liver is a very large and important organ included in your metabolic system. Among other things, it helps the process of breaking down fats and metabolizing medications and drugs, as well as regulating blood clots. When your liver doesn’t function as it should, it can greatly affect the rest of your metabolism and your body. This can have many causes, like infection, genetics, or alcohol and drug habits.

Thyroid Conditions

The thyroid is an important gland in the neck that is responsible for regulating your body’s metabolism through hormones. Sometimes, the immune system attacks the thyroid and prevents it from producing enough hormones, a condition called hypothyroidism. This can cause many different uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, joint and muscle pain decreased temperature regulation and weight gain. Additionally, hyperthyroidism can occur where too many hormones are produced.

How Stem Cells can Help

The metabolic system is integral to your body’s ability to obtain, use, and store energy while getting rid of waste. When your metabolic system doesn’t work as it should, it can cause many symptoms that can greatly affect your quality of life and energy level. Stem cells that are gathered from fatty tissue can help your metabolic system to regenerate important tissues and cells that contribute to a healthy body and metabolism. Learn more about adipose-derived stem cells.

Schedule a Consultation

At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we understand that metabolic conditions can prevent you from living the healthy lifestyle you want and having the energy to achieve your goals. We help each patient achieve their best life with healthy choices and diets, as well as the best and most advanced stem cells therapies and the latest in scientific advancement. It can seem overwhelming trying to understand your body and its metabolic problems, so our stem cell experts can provide the most up-to-date information about your conditions and options.

Stem cells can be an excellent option for restoring your body’s important functions, meaning you don’t need to live on medications and complex medical plans. Your first step in stem cell therapy is speaking with our stem cell experts, who can assess your symptoms, conditions, and options with regenerative medicine. To schedule a consultation at our Seattle or St. Petersburg office call 206.823.0960 or fill out our online form. Our expert patient coordinators will be in touch to assist you through the booking process.

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