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What Are Hand & Wrist Problems?

Your hands and wrists likely support your livelihood, whether you work inside or outside. They also allow you to perform day-to-day tasks like cleaning, eating, or hygiene. Your hands, fingers, and wrists are integral to your ability to function, meaning it can drastically limit basic tasks when they don’t function like they need to. Stem cell therapies offer a great alternative to invasive surgeries, pain medications, or other expensive therapies in improving functionality and pain in conditions of the hands and wrist.

What Causes Hand & Wrist Problems?

The most common cause of hand and wrist problems is degeneration and overuse. This can happen as the cartilage between joints wears down and allows the bones and other tissues to rub against each other causing pain. However, problems that affect your hands and wrists can also be caused by injury or inflammation. In any case, limited mobility or discomfort in your hands and wrists can drastically limit your ability to perform everyday tasks and make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities.

How Can Stem Cells Help Hand and Wrist Problems?

Stem cell therapy can help reduce inflammation in the hands and wrists that can contribute to symptoms like pain and stiffness. Stem cells can also help regenerate healthy tissues like cartilage for more fluid, pain-free movement. With personalized stem cell therapy, you can reduce chronic pain and get back to the activities you love.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hands and Wrists

Stem cell therapy for hands and wrists can be performed right in our facilities. It includes injecting stem cells from your own tissue or a donor’s where it can begin regenerating healthy tissue in your joints. Stem cell therapy comes with very little risk of adverse reaction since it uses your own tissue or that of a screened source. After your injection therapy, you can return home right away. During a consultation with our stem cell experts at our Seattle, WA, and St. Petersburg, FL offices, you’ll learn more about how stem cell therapy can help.

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At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we offer everything you need to transform your lifestyle and enjoy the things you love. With personalized stem cell therapy, you can alleviate pain without extensive downtime or costly surgery. During a consultation, our experienced team can create a customized approach with our most up-to-date information and technologies. To schedule a consultation at our Seattle or St. Petersburg office by calling 206.823.0960 or filling out our online form.

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