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What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Your kidneys are important organs responsible for cleaning your blood and producing urine from the waste. They also help manage electrolyte and hydration levels, as well as maintenance of blood pressure and the production of hormones. When your kidneys don’t function as they should, it can cause chronic health problems. These typically fall under the term chronic kidney disease or CKD. It’s estimated that about 37 million adults in America have CKD. Although it may not always cause symptoms in the beginning stages, CKD can disrupt your daily life and require constant maintenance in order to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

What Causes Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease is typically caused by damage to the kidneys over time. This can be because of other health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. CKD can also be caused by a family history of kidney problems or long-term use of certain medications. Autoimmune diseases like lupus nephritis can result in your body’s immune system attacking kidney tissue and ultimately leading to kidney failure. When the kidneys fail, your body requires outside help in the form of dialysis or even kidney transplantation.

How Can Stem Cells Help Chronic Kidney Disease?

Stem cells can be an effective therapy for CKD by helping regenerate damaged kidney tissue and reducing inflammation in order to begin the healing process. By regrowing healthy tissue, better kidney function can be achieved and reduce the need for other therapies like medications or dialysis. It is also very important to identify the root cause of illness and begin to treat that as well.  With complete stem cell therapy at our Kirkland and St. Petersburg offices, our patients have achieved a healthier, more active lifestyle after living with chronic kidney disease.

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease

Stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease involves identifying the root cause of illness, creating a plan, and infusing stem cells into the body after they are collected and processed – or taken from a donor source. Once collected, stem cells are infused through an IV and begin to circulate and filter through all organ systems including the kidneys. The goal is to regenerate new healthy tissue to help boost kidney filtration rates and decrease inflammation. Since stem cells are collected from your own body or that of a screened donor, there’s very little risk of adverse reaction. You can even return home immediately after your therapy session. During a consultation with our stem cell experts, we’ll develop a customized therapy for your needs and discuss what you can expect from the latest in regenerative medicine.

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