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Peptides in St. Petersburg, FL

Axis Stem Cell Institute is an expert in regenerative medicine. Our team of experts specializes in treating patients who are affected by various medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, musculoskeletal, and chronic metabolic conditions. It is our goal to help you maintain whole-body wellness and improve the ability of your body to heal itself. We focus on the health of your gut and to control inflammation so that your systemic conditions can be treated.

Axis Stem Cell Institute is especially known for its revolutionary sports medicine. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy contains mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration. Platelet-rich plasma is used as an alternative to stem cell therapy due to the high concentrations of growth factors present in PRP. These components boost the healing as well as rejuvenation functions of your body. Not just in the field of stem cell therapy, we are also leaders in continued research in the field and our center has been providing positive results through continued patient-focused care. We offer unsurpassed patient services through our highly skilled medical providers, state-of-the-art medical facilities, an onsite in-office surgical suite, and above all, a caring team that has vast experience in the application and therapies with stem cells.

When you book your consultation with our stem cell experts, we will begin by discussing your lifestyle goals, offer you ideal options, and answer all your questions before a customized therapeutic plan is developed to best suit your specific requirements.

One such popular therapy in regenerative medicines is Peptide therapy. Peptides are amino acids that are often used as a therapy option on their own or can also be used in combination with another regenerative solution. These give a boost to your body’s internal processes while being less expensive or invasive than a surgical option.

What can you treat with Peptides?

Regulation of your immune system, neuroprotection, and tissue repair are some of the advantages you have with peptides. These are also instrumental in the improvement of wound healing, regulating insulin, promotion of bone healing, and slowing down aging. Studies show that peptides also function as immunomodulating agents which means that they can either stop or cause an immune response in your body. This makes them valuable in cancer therapy and other autoimmune conditions like IBD, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Peptide therapy comes in different forms such as nasal sprays, capsules, and injections. The therapy can also be combined with stem cell therapy to offer you a more effective plan. Talk to our experts today about your concerns and we will help you choose the best options for your unique needs.

About St. Petersburg, FL

Part of the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg is a city on the gulf coast. Also known as the Sunshine City, it has pleasant weather making it a great place for boating, fishing, golfing, and beach-going. When in the city, you must also visit the Mahaffey Theater, home of the Florida Orchestra; as well as the Museum of Fine Arts and Dali Museum.

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