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NFL Hall of Fame Star Chooses Stem Cell Therapy

Walter Jones, who played for the Seattle Seahawks for 12 years, recently underwent stem cell therapy at Axis Stem Cell Institute. As a result of three surgeries for injuries to his shoulder as well as a microfracture to his left knee, Jones experienced significant arthritis pain despite having been retired from the NFL for nine years. In order to relieve this pain and allow Jones to return to an active lifestyle, he chose to receive stem cell therapy and was pleased with the results.

Choosing Adipose-Derived
Stem Cell Therapy

In order to treat Jones’ pain, the Axis Stem Cell Institute recommended adipose-derived stem cell therapy. This method was selected because as we age, the concentration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) is retained within adipose, or fat, tissues, while the number within bone marrow declines. If a patient has adequate fat available, this method is generally preferred.

Once the stem cells have been sourced, they are suspended in platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which has increased growth factors and enhances the results of the therapy. This solution is then injected into the needed area—in Jones’ case, into the shoulder and knee.

Pairing Stem Cell Therapy
with Vitamin IV

In addition to adipose-derived stem cells and PRP, Jones received vitamin IV therapy. This helps to heal injury and boost overall health in a number of ways. Vitamin IV therapy ensures that the body receives the nutrients you need to grow new tissue and maintain good health. The process helps to repair collagen and reduce inflammation and is overall chosen for patients like Jones because it encourages effective stem cell function.

Typically, IV therapy while addressing an injury would include vitamin C and amino acids. However, each patient receives a custom formula to meet their unique nutrition needs.

When Can Patients like Walter Jones Expect Results?

After stem cell therapy, most patients see results about 3-6 months after they receive injections. Stem cell therapy works by encouraging new tissues to grow, which takes time. Bryn Renda, PA-C, explains that the treatment is like “laying seed down on the dirt. It’s going to take some time and TLC…after a few months, you will have a nice, lush field.” In Jones’ case, arthritic pain is the result of a lack of cartilage, which further damages tissues and causes inflammation and a lack of joint space. Injecting stem cells and PRP into the joint encourages the growth of new, organic cartilage, but it takes several months for this to occur.

Schedule a Consultation

Stem cell therapy can be beneficial for a wide number of patients, especially those facing pain after a sports injury. To learn more about your options regarding this therapeutic approach, schedule a consultation with Axis Stem Cell Institute in Seattle, Washington. Call (206) 823-0960 or request an appointment online.

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