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Why Stem Cell Therapy?

In the current era of modern medicine, achieving and maintaining wellness hinges on surgical and pharmaceutical interventions. Many Americans are over medicated, misdiagnosed, and struggling to feel healthy again. Not to mention, surgery can pose significant risks and many medications cause serious side effects. Although medications and surgery will always play an important role in many medical conditions, our current healthcare system has lost focus on the body’s innate ability to heal and the promotion of whole-body wellness.

Eliminating the Need for Unnecessary Medications and Surgeries

Stem Cell therapy uses the body’s own cells to heal and rejuvenate injured tissues without the use of medications. It is a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical, holistic therapy to promote recovery and wellness. The cells are extracted from your own body in a minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia with little or no pain, and re-injected at the desired location. These cells can also be applied intravenously to diffuse throughout the entire body to reduce tissue injury and inflammation caused by various systemic diseases that can affect the whole body. These therapies can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery and medications that can have serious side effects, risks, and prolonged recovery time. Not to mention, stem cell procedures are performed with little or no pain, and do not require the use of pain medications. There are no major side effects and minimal recovery time. Stem cell therapies have been used to treat various conditions ranging from arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries to autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation.

Promotion of Whole-Body Wellness

In conjunction with your stem cell treatment, our team will help you achieve your body’s optimal health with an individualized whole-body wellness program including nutrition and supplements that is designed just for you. Many modern medical therapies tend to focus on treatment of symptoms and fail to recognize the key importance of whole-body wellness to achieve overall health. At Axis, we strive to find the root cause of illness and inflammation and design a whole-body wellness program just for you that incorporates diet, gut health, nutrition, and supplements.

Let Us Know How We Can Help YOU!

At Axis Stem Cell Institute, we are at the forefront of the future of medicine by providing the latest applications of regenerative medicine. We are excited to help you live your best life. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation!

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