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What is Neuralgia?

Your nerves are an incredibly complex system that stimulates many different processes in your body and allows you to feel different sensations. When your nerves become damaged, irritated, or impacted by infection, it can cause disruption and manifest as chronic pain. Neuralgia is the term for this condition, and it can affect nerves anywhere on the body. Everyone experiences it differently, but it can occur as a stabbing or burning pain that is severe and disruptive to your daily life. We understand very little about nerve damage and how to effectively heal it, but stem cells are one therapy that has shown promise in relieving pain and helping you regain your freedom.

What Causes Neuralgia?

Neuralgia has many different causes, including chronic conditions like diabetes or multiple sclerosis. It can also be caused by severe infections like shingles – this becomes more likely as you age, meaning neuralgia is more common in older patients. Other types of infections can cause neuralgia like an infected tooth. Neuralgia can also happen because of inflammation in tissues like blood vessels or tumors that put pressure on nearby nerves. Finally, neuralgia can less commonly be caused by certain prescription medications, trauma or injury, and irritation from certain chemicals.

How Can Stem Cells Help Neuralgia?

Stem cells can be an effective therapy for neuralgia because they can help regenerate nerve tissue, reducing symptoms like chronic pain. Naturally, nerve tissue regenerates very slowly, so stem cells can help boost your healing ability and reduce pain. With less pain and discomfort, you can return to your favorite activities and achieve better overall health.

Stem Cells for Neuralgia

Stem cell therapy for neuralgia involves injecting stem cells taken from your own or a donor’s tissue. Once injected, stem cells can begin to regenerate damaged nerve cells and reduce chronic inflammation. Because stem cells come from your own body or a screened donor, they come with very low risk of adverse reaction. In fact, stem cell therapies can be performed right in our Kirkland and St. Petersburg offices. During a consultation with our stem cell experts, you’ll learn more about what to expect from your personalized therapy.

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