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Stem Cells and Anti-Aging: How it Works

If you’ve paid attention to the latest in the cosmetic industry, you’ve probably heard of stem cells as a growing anti-aging therapeutic option. Although there are a lot of effective anti-aging options in the Kirkland area, some patients stay away from them because of higher risks, manufactured ingredients, and a requirement for surgery and downtime. This means that stem cells can be an excellent option if these factors are important to you. Here’s what to know about anti-aging therapies with stem cells and how they can help.

How do anti-aging stem cell therapies work?

An integral facet of the aging process is that your body’s rejuvenating processes slow down. This manifests in a lot of ways like healing and the immune system. When it comes to visible aging, this means your body becomes less effective at turning over cells and restoring collagen to support the skin. It can also affect your hair follicles and their growth patterns.

Adipose, or fatty tissue, is rich in mesenchymal stem cells which are effective at making sure your body can quickly repair itself. Additionally, it’s rich in growth factors which help with cellular activity. When adipose-derived stem cells are injected into areas that have slowed their growth or rejuvenation process because of aging, it can jumpstart them again.

What can stem cells do?

It’s important to note that stem cells as an anti-aging mechanism are still being developed and studied, so we don’t know the full extent of what they can do. However, a few areas have shown promise. The foremost is facial therapies using adipose-derived stem cells, which can help restore the matrix of collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the skin. When paired with techniques like microneedling, it can also boost cell turnover which can contribute to reduced wrinkles and signs of aging.

Additionally, stem cell therapies have produced great results when it comes to hair regrowth. These mesenchymal cells and growth factors can jumpstart slowed hair follicles with injection or microneedling treatments. In both therapies for face and hair, you’ll require a few sessions for best results.

What about PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is another treatment method rising in popularity. PRP is rich in growth factors and tightly-bound proteins which can improve healing and growth where injected. Although PRP shares some of the same mechanisms and end goals, there are some reasons to pick stem cells over PRP. While PRP can be very beneficial in aesthetics, it lacks mesenchymal stem cells which can limit its overall potential, unlike adipose derived stem cells. This is something to consider when determining what’s best for your goals. During treatment, PRP requires only a simple blood draw while adipose derived stem cell therapy can require more invasive methods, which is also something to consider. The best way to determine the right method for you is through a consultation with our stem cell experts.

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The cosmetic industry is constantly innovating, and stem cell therapies are one exciting option that’s beginning to grow. To begin discussing the right anti-aging therapy for you and your goals, contact our Kirkland office by calling or filling out our online form.

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